Valentine’s Day Origin

Want to know about Valentine’s Day origin? Origin of St Valentine Day is mentioned on this page along with the Valentines Day legend.

Valentine’s Day is the most awaited day for all the lovers. In fact the people eagerly wait for the month of February as the¬†Valentine’s Day falls on February 14, each year. However there are several legends associated with the Valentine’s Day and even the experts have different opinions about the origin and celebration of this day. There is no one who could be sure about who Saint Valentine actually was. But mainly there are two persons, who could be held responsible for the traditional association of this day with love and romance.

St Valentine And Emperor Claudius
The most popularly accepted and likely legend about the Valentine’s Day is associated with the St Valentine, who was a priest during the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius II. Claudius was a tyrant who was responsible to lead many campaigns forcing people to join the army. The story begins with the decree issued by the Emperor Claudius, which said that Roman soldiers were not allowed to marry. The reason behind such decree was that the marriage might inhibit the soldiers’ ability to fight, which was certainly not good for the nation. Then there was only the great St Valentine who didn’t care for the decree and continued to marry soldiers in secret. But unfortunately his clandestine activities were discovered and he was put into the jail. The Emperor sentenced him to death. While in jail the St Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and before being beheaded he left a letter signed ‘Your Valentine’ for that lady.

Romans And “Lupercalia”
According to another legend in the earlier times the Romans celebrated the festival of “Lupercalia”. This festival was basically a feast that was organized in the honor of God. During the ceremonies of this festival the young men used to write the names of young maidens of their choice and put it in a jar. The young eligible men were only authorized to take the chits of the names out of the jar. Then the young couples were allowed to spend the whole festival together and later would eventually marry. To do away with pagan ceremonies later the names of maidens were replaced with those of the saints by the pastors. So Pope Gelasius, around 496 A.D., finally decided to celebrate February 14th as a day of love in the honor of St. Valentine. Thus St. Valentine was revered as patron saint for lovers and the Valentine’s Day was traditionally celebrated as the lovers’ day.

St Valentine And Christian Prisoners
Yet another story holds that Saint Valentine tried to help Christian prisoners escape from Roman prisons. And during this process he himself got killed. Then onwards the Valentine’s Day is celebrated in his honor.