Valentine’s Day Games

Everyone likes playing games. Some excellent Valentine Day games ideas are suggested below. These include Valentine’s Day games for kids as well as Valentines Day games for couples.

Valentine’s Day Games are an important way of having fun on the Valentine’s Day. But playing the same games again and again might be boring so why not try some new games on this Valentine Day party. Come on stack your Valentine Day party with lots and lots of fun filled and mind boggling games. Some extremely interesting games are suggested below for you so have a jolly good time on the occasion of Valentine’s Day with your entire friends, folks or with your sweetheart.


Materials Required:
Chocolates and candies
Big bowls (per couple)

How To Play:

  • Ask all the male participants to sit in a row and their female partners just opposite to them in another row as if two of them face each other.
  • To set up, place a bowl full of candies and chocolates between the partners.
  • When everyone is seated properly announce the time limit (5 to 10 minutes) and ask them to eat the candies and chocolates put in the bowl but the condition is that they have to put the candies in each other’s mouth.
  • The couple that eats the maximum number of candies and chocolates within the set time period will be the winner.

I and You

Materials Required:
A ribbon long and wide enough to bind around eyes
A chair

How To Play:

  • Let one of the partners sit on the chair.
  • Then ask the other partner to stand on a distance (say 10 to 12 feet) and have a proper idea about the location of his/her partner and then tie the ribbon around his/her eyes.
  • Then the partner with closed eyes will go to the person sitting on the chair and stop there.
  • The sitting partner will say either forehead or cheek (right or left) or nose or neck or eyes or lips or hair and the standing partner will have to kiss him/her there.
  • Hold it! It is not that easy. He or she has to do so without touching his/her partner.


Materials Required:
One personal thing from each participant

How To Play:

  • Firstly ask all the male partners to go out of the room or hall where you plan to play the game.
  • Once all the men are out of the place then the females will hide any one of their things such as a jewelry piece or one of their shoes or even their handkerchief somewhere within the room.
  • When all the girls are through ask the men to come in the room.
  • Let the girls give their men a clue and tell them what they have to search.
  • The man who identifies the correct thing and finds it first will be the winner.
  • In the next round it would be girls turn to find their men’s things.


Materials Required:
Pen and papers

How To Play:

  • Ask all the couples to make two teams in such a way that two of them are in the opposite teams.
  • One of the teams will get the papers and the pens and they would have to right any one of the most important messages or incidents of their lives, which their partner must know beforehand. They should write their names at the end.
  • When everyone has written completely then his or her paper would be read aloud by somebody.
  • And then the members of the other team will have to identify the message or the incident of their partner and say, “It’s my valentine“.
  • It would be more fun if everyone writes some funny incident or message.


Materials Required:
A ribbon long and wide enough to bind around eyes

How To Play:

  • All the participants will make two groups, one of the boys and the other of the girls. The teams should make a circle.
  • Tie the ribbon around the eyes of one of the participants of one team and ask him/her to go to other team and identify his/her partner.
  • The members of the circle would be allowed to change their place every time a new IT comes in their circle.
  • Come together and play this mind-boggling game of pairs.
  • This works well in the Valentine’s Day car pool. It’s called the And Game because it’s all about words that appear together with “and” in between.


Materials Required:
Pen and papers

How To Play:

  • Give a pen and a paper to all the participants and ask them to write ten or twelve words. All should write the same number of words.
  • When everybody has written then ask the couples to exchange the papers.
  • And now the other member has to write either a matching word or an opposite of the word written on the paper.
  • The words could be like “Pen – …Paper”, “Romeo -…. Juliet”, “Boy -….Girl”, “Bread – ….Butter”, “Water – ….Fire”, “Hugs – ….Kisses”, “Husband – ….Wife” and so on