Valentine’s Day T-Shirts Design Craft

Valentine’s Day T Shirts Craft is a very impressive idea. You must give a try to this special Valentine T-Shirts Design.

Apparels are such good items that everyone gets happy to receive them. And the same apparels become more valuable when it is a designer one. And they become priceless when designed by the most important person of your life, your beloved.

Materials Required
One plain but light colored tee shirt
Fabric Paint
Paint brush
The Making of Valentine’s Day t-shirts craft

  • Wash the tee shirt well before decorating it.
  • When it gets completely dried using a pencil sketch cupid on the upper part of it and write “For My Valentine On The Valentine’s Day” on the lower part of the tee shirt.
  • You can also sketch other things of your choice on it if there is sufficient space.
  • Once through with sketching then place the piece of cardboard inside the shirt for support and paint the sketched area using the fabric paints.
  • Let the paints on the tee shirt dry properly.
  • After painting the front of the shirt if you still have ideas for decoration then do it on the back of the tee shirt.