Valentine’s Day Kite Craft

Let your creativity fly high with the Valentine Day kite craft. But first learn to make kite.

Just imagine how romantic it would be to write a love message on a piece of paper and let the wind take it to your valentine. Well kites have always played a significant role in this way. So why not try once again on this Valentine’s Day.

Materials Required
Colored Tissue Paper
Any strong but pliable wire
Long strings of crepe paper
Learn To Make Kite

  • First cut length of wire around 3 to 4 inches longer than the width of tissue paper.
  • Write “Happy Valentine’s Day” or your valentine’s name on a large piece of colored tissue paper using the marker.
  • Then Decorate that colored tissue paper with the help of crayons and glitters.
  • Now put the decorated sheet of tissue paper flat on the table and fold down 3/4 inch of paper over the wire and tape it down.
  • Bend the wire into a circle shape. This will make the mouth of the kite and then twist the wire to secure the circle.
  • With the ends of the wire make a loop to which you attach the string.
  • Then tape on tails made of strings of crepe paper at the bottom.
  • And finally attach string to the wire loop of your valentine kite.