Valentine’s Day Craft Hats

Hat craft is not only trendy but also simple to make. With little creativity you can make several Valentine’s Day craft hats. We are here to tell you how to make Valentine hat.

Children love wearing hats on all the occasions and what to say when it is their own hand made hat. They can make such hats for themselves and for their friends also. This is very simple and easy to make and could be made in a very short span.
Materials Required
Paper Plate
Satin Ribbon
Flowers’ petals of your choice
How To Make Valentine Hat

  • Ask the child to first color both the sides of the paper plate.
  • Then write “Happy Valentine’s Day” in the center of the backside of colored paper plate.
  • After that glue the flowers’ petals all around the paper plate.
  • Punch 2 holes in the plate across from each other.
  • Cut the satin ribbon into two equal size pieces.
  • Place both the pieces of ribbon through the holes and it will make the belt to tie the hat.