Valentine’s Day Craft Smiling Face

What is your view about a smiling Valentine craft for your loved one!! It is sure that a Valentine’s Day craft smiling face would bring a smile on his/her face.

We all have heard a lot about Saint Valentine. What about celebrating this Valentine Day with him? Just draw his figure out and enjoy this special day with him. After all he is the patron saint of lovers and gets happy to see people expressing their tender feelings towards their loved ones.

Materials Required
Construction Paper
The Making of smiling face Valentine Craft

  • Draw a human figure on the construction paper with a large face and wide-open hands and legs using the pencil.
  • Cut the figure out by using the scissors.
  • With the help of crayons draw the facial features on the face of your Smiling Valentine.
  • You can draw moustaches on the face or a long beard or both.
  • Draw a long hat over his head.
  • Draw a cloak along his body.
  • Do not forget to draw a broad smile on his face.