Valentine’s Day Hearts Craft

Isn’t it an amazing idea to give your heart to your loved one in the form of Valentine Day hearts craft !! This write up would help you learn to make hearts.

What could be a better thing for your loved one other than a loving heart on the Valentine’s Day? Along with reminding how much you love him/her give this unique present to him/her and it would convey all your feelings to your special someone. Just spend little time in making this craft and get ready to steal his/her heart once again.

Materials Required
Red Construction Paper
Yellow Construction Paper
Wiggley eyes
Learn To Make Valentine Hearts

  • First take the red construction paper and cut it out into a large heart shape (the bigger the size the better it is).
  • Cut out a thin piece (around 1 inch wide) of yellow construction paper in the shape of back part of an arrow.
  • Write the name of your Valentine on the arrow and stick it diagonally from your left side along the heart only up to the center of the heart. It would appear as if the arrow has deep hit the heart.
  • Place two wiggley eyes at the upper part of the heart to make it livelier.
  • Also draw a broad smile on the lower portion of the heart to give it a pleasing expression.
  • You can write love messages or simple “I LOVE YOU” or “Happy Valentine’s Day” on the heart with the help of the marker.
  • Spread the glitter all over the heart to make it shiny and bright.
  • You can write your name at the backside of your heart.