Valentine’s Day Homemade Earrings

Make your loved one feel special by presenting her Valentine Day homemade earrings. Learn to make earrings before it is late.

Earrings make a wonderful gift item for any occasion. And when these earrings are made at home then it becomes more valuable. Making these lovely earrings is also full of fun as it is simple and very easy. Kids will surely enjoy making these earrings for themselves or for their loved ones.

Materials Required
Metal wire (5-6 inches long)
Small Beads (12)
Large Beads (2)
Learn To Make Earrings At Home

  • Firstly break the metal wire into two equal size pieces.
  • Fold both the wire pieces at one end in such a way that a small hole is made. It will stop the beads from slipping out of the wire.
  • Now take one of the wire pieces through three small beads and then through one large bead and then again through three small beads.
  • Finally fold the remaining part of the wire backwards leaving sufficient margin to cover the ear hole.
  • Repeat the process with the second piece of wire also.
  • A lovely pair of earrings is ready.