Handmade Valentine Rose

You would have given rose to your loved one several times but this time try a handmade Valentine rose. Valentine’s Day craft rose guidelines are written below.


Flowers and especially roses have great significance on the Valentine’s Day. What could be a better gift than a hand made flower on this special day. It would be a specimen of your creative skill. To give a little natural look to your hand made flower you can use the natural petals of the roses.

Materials Required
Red Construction Paper
Green Construction Paper
Red Rose Petals
The Making of Valentine’s Day craft rose

  • Take the sheet of construction paper and fold it or cut it until it is the size of the flower you desire.
  • Draw the outline in the shape of a rose on the paper and cut the shape out.
  • Now stick the rose petals on both the sides of the flower that you cut out of the construction paper.
  • Then draw a twig, a long one, on the green construction paper and cut it out.
  • Stick the twig at the middle of the backside of the flower you made.
  • Hold the flower along the twig.