Handmade Bookmarker

If your Valentine loves reading books then handmade book-marker is a suitable gift for him/her. Valentine’s Day craft bookmarker is also easy to make.

Books make very good friends for all. And therefore parents try to develop the habit of book reading in their children from very beginning. You can make it more interesting for the children by encouraging them to use hand made bookmarkers. The children would surely love to make bookmarkers for their books.

Materials Required
Contact (Laminated Plastic)
Satin Ribbon (of your favorite color)
Hole punch
The Making of Valentine’s Day craft book marker

  • Draw outline on the cardboard with the help of pencil so that the bookmark is 3 inches wide and 8 inches long.
  • Cut the outlined area out of the cardboard.
  • Use your favorite color to get the background of your choice on the bookmarker. Let the color dry.
  • Then decorate it with sequins and crayons using your creativity.
  • When you are through with the decoration contact (laminate) the bookmark.
  • Using the hole-punch put a hole at the top and in the middle of the bookmark.
  • Now tie the satin ribbon through the hole to form the tassle.
  • You can also write famous quotes on the book marker.