Valentine’s Day Flower Vase Craft

This Valentine Day along with beautiful flowers also present a homemade flower vase to your Valentine. Valentine Day flower vase craft could be made easily and in very less time.

Materials Required
Empty Can
Red Construction Papers
Yellow Satin Ribbon
Cellophane Tape
The Making of valentines day flower vase

  • Make sure that the can you have selected has no sharp edges.
  • Cut a strip of construction paper large enough to fit around the can to cover it properly.
  • Affix tape on the strip of paper in place around the can.
  • Tie the pretty satin ribbon around the top of the covered can.
  • Draw a smiling face on the front side of the can and just below it write “Happy Valentine’s Day”.
  • You can also draw various figures like heart, flowers, cupid, funny faces etc on the can and decorate it with various colors.
  • Pick some fresh fragrant flowers from your garden on the Valentine morning and place them in the new vase.
  • Spread glitter all around the flowers and the vase to give it a shiny look.
  • You can also write your and your loved one’s name on the vase.