Homemade Floral Necklace

This time when you plan to give flowers to your loved one think about homemade floral necklace once. Given below are the guidelines for necklace crafts to help you learn to make floral necklaces.

Usually necklaces are perfect gifts for girls but when it is a floral necklace then boys can also put it on. Soft and fragrant flowers please everyone. So a necklace made of these wonderful flowers makes a nice gift idea for all your friends, teachers, parents or even grand parents.

Materials Required
Flowers of your choice (Roses/Marigolds/Narcissus or any other) (You can use either fresh or artificial flowers)
Thread (1-1.5 meters long)

The Making of homemade floral necklace

  • Firstly let the thread go through the needle.
  • Decide the length of your necklace (long or short) and accordingly cut the thread and tie its end.
  • Select only the bloomed flowers and let the needle go through the flowers one by one.
  • Leaving little margin at both the ends of the thread cover the entire thread with flowers.
  • Finally tie both the ends of the thread with each other.
  • You can also use a combination of different flowers to make the necklace.