Valentine’s Day Poems

Every loving heart likes romantic poems. A Valentine Day poem is one kind of such poems. Several such Valentine’s Day poems are collected here for you. You can always refer to these free love poems.

Poetry is that wonderful art through, which one can express one’s feelings in the form of words and thus make the loved ones understand one’s emotions. Of course it is not an easy art that everyone can try it. Some of the most popular Valentine Day poems are written by the Worlds renowned poets.

If you find it difficult to put your emotions into your own words for that special someone you can always try these poems to impress him / her. We have collected some great Valentine Day poems for you, which are composed by the World’s most famous poets. Just select the poem(s) of your choice that best expresses your feelings and write it in your own handwriting. Then present the same to your dear one either face-to-face or attached with a Valentine Day card or bouquet.

Hand In Hand
Follow me
and I will follow you
in life’s long journey !Enjoying the same little day to day things
Whatever life brings
Sharing the dreams of our future together
This is the love I will cherish Forever.
You are the one I will always love !!!

You don’t have to prove how strong you are,
for me to respect you….
You don’t have to show how brave you are,
for me to admire you…..
You really don’t have to be successful,
for me to be proud of you….
You don’t have to be perfect, for me
to love and adore you….
You need only to be yourself.
And that’s simply enough Darling….