Colors Of Roses & Their Meaning

Do you know rose colors communicate different meaning of roses? This web page would help you understand the language of roses.

Rose is a flower that has been associated with the feelings of love and romance because of its mythological significance. There are varieties of rose available in different colors throughout the world. And the special thing about this flower is that its each color symbolizes a separate emotion and feeling. So one needs to be extremely careful while selecting and presenting a rose to his/her loved one. Especially when it is the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

The list given below would help you learn the true representation of a particular emotion through a colored rose…

Color Of Rose Emotion
Red Rose Love, Passion
White Rose True love, Purity of mind, Reverence
Yellow Rose Friendship, Celebration, Joy
Pink Rose Friendship or Sweetheart, Admiration
Peach Rose Desire, Excitement, Appreciation
Lilac Rose Love at first sight, Enchantment
Coral Rose Desire
Orange Rose Enthusiasm, Desire
Black Rose Farewell, ‘It’s Over’ or Break Up
Red & Yellow Rose Happiness, Celebrations
Red & White Roses Bonding, Harmony
Yellow & Orange Roses Passion