Chinese Valentine Day Celebration (Qi Qiao Jie)

It is time for Chinese Valentine Day celebration that is also popularly known as Qi Qiao Jie Celebration. Did you know celebrating Chinese Valentine’s Day is real fun?


Chinese Valentine’s Day is special for all those people who are in love. On this day the lovers go to the temple of Matchmaker and pray for the success of their love and the possible marriage. On the other hand all those who are single go to the Matchmaker temple and ask their luck in love.

It has been a tradition in China that the Chinese girls always wished to learn to have a good handcrafting skill, just like the Weaving Maid, which is considered essential for their future family. On the auspicious night of the Chinese Valentine’s Day the unmarried girls offer prayers to the Weaving Maid star and wish to be smarter. The same night, when the star Vega is high up in the sky, girls in China perform a test by putting a needle on the water surface. They believe that if the needle put by a girl doesn’t sink it means the girl is mature and smart enough and hence eligible to find a husband. All the girls who pass this test can ask for any one wish.

It is also a tradition in China that on this day the young girls demonstrate their domestic arts, specifically the melon carving. Therefore the Chinese Valentine’s Day is also called “The Festival to Plead for Skills“, “The Seventh Sister’s Birthday” and “The Night of Skills“.

In some of the Chinese provinces, it is a tradition to decorate the ox’s horn with flowers on the Chinese Valentine’s Day. The popular belief behind this tradition is that the ritual will save the people from any disaster. On the night of Chinese Valentine’s Day, women wash their hair to make them look fresh and shiny. And the children wash their faces the next morning using the overnight water to get a more natural and beautiful look. The girls also throw five-color rope on the roof for the magpies out of belief that the magpies will carry that rope to build the bridge for the Zhi Nu and Niu Lang.